Shipston on Stour, St Edmund, Warwickshire

Shipston on Stour Bells: 6; 9-2-1 in G
Grid Reference: 151/260406
Postcode: CV36 4AP
District: Warwick
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: Saturday 10:00am-11:00am (Check)
Service Ringing: Not Known
Recommended Pub: The Black Horse, Station Road, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire CV36 4BT. Tel: 01608 238489
Contact: Gerald Phillips  Gerald Phillips, 9 Parsons Close, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire. Tel: 01608 662811  Click to Email

History of the Bells

The church is set on the main road through this small market town and is hemmed in by buildings. The church retains only the tower of it's medieval structure, the rest of the church having been entirely rebuilt by George Edmund Street in his 1855 restoration.

Not surprisingly only 9 peals have been rung here. Before the recent peals in May 2017 and May 2018, the previous one was rang in November 2007 to celebrate the Coventry Guild's centenary. The peal before this had been in 1976 and therefore the 2007 peal was the first peal on the new ring. Prior to this 5 peals had been rung between 1907 and 1931.

Richard Keene of Woodstock recast the five existing bells into a ring of 6 in October 1695, tenor 9-2-5. The tenor needed recasting soon afterwards. In 1700 on May 1st the churchwardens presented the ringers and their accomplices to the Consistery Court at Worcester for ringing without permission and "..for breaking the sixth a very unreasonable time in the night". Another bell was recast in 1736 by Abraham Rudhall II of Gloucester. The whole ring was recast by Matthew Bagley III in 1754. He also recast the third bell in 1774.

The bells were rehung in a new cast iron "lowside" frame in 1979. When at the foundry it was found necessary to recast more bells than originally thought and all but the tenor were eventually melted down. The initial intention was that the poor toned third and the cracked fourth should alone be recast, but it was found that the fifth was cracked in the crown and that the two trebles' crowns were too thin to stand the drilling that would be necessary for the new headstocks. Previously they hung in a Bond girder frame of 1901, working in conjunction with a firm called Parker Ltd, who installed the frame at a cost of £25. Bond charged £69/10/- for quarter turning the bells and providing them with new fittings. The tenor is G+13c and was eighth turned by Taylors in 1979.

There is a car park up the road virtually opposite the tower and also a free car park by the river, on Mill Street. Entry to the tower is through the church and behind the organ.

This large village was transferred to Warwickshire from Worcestershire in 1931.

Details of the Bells
1 John Taylor & Co,(Bellfounders) Loughborough 1979 4-1-06 26.875" 1319.0Hz (E+1c)
2 John Taylor & Co,(Bellfounders) Loughborough 1979 4-1-18 28.125" 1185.0Hz (D+15c)
3 John Taylor & Co,(Bellfounders) Loughborough 1979 4-2-11 28.875" 1053.0Hz (C+11c)
4 John Taylor & Co,(Bellfounders) Loughborough 1979 5-3-00 31.00" 990.0Hz (B+13c)
5 John Taylor & Co,(Bellfounders) Loughborough 1979 7-2-18 34.375" 891.0Hz (A+22c)
6 Matthew Bagley III, Chacombe 1754 9-2-01 38.50" 790.0Hz (G+13c)