Tredington, St Gregory, Warwickshire

Tredington Bells: 6; 16-1-20 in Eb (GF)
Grid Reference: 151/259435
Postcode: CV36 4NQ
District: Warwick
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: None
Service Ringing: 10.00-10.30 (2nd Sunday)
Recommended Pub: The White Lion, Stratford Road, Tredington, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire. CV36 4NS Tel: 01608 662 067
(Currently closed for renovation)
Contact: Kathryn McCarthy, Pool Cottage, Mill Lane, Tredington CV36 4NQ. Tel: 01608 661001 Click to Email

History of the Bells

A magnificent landmark at the junction of the A429 and the old A34, (now renumbered as A3400). Its spire, 210 feet tall, can be seen for some distance.

The treble was cast by Matthew Bagley at Chacombe shortly before he moved to Evesham. It is not common to find Purdue bells in Warwickshire. A nice ground floor six that ring well. They were rehung, but not retuned with the exception of the second, by Gillett & Johnston in 1946 in a new cast iron lowside frame and new fittings. The tenor's note equates to D+34c and therefore the bells are in D and not Eb as is normally stated. The fourth is a little flat for the ring, which gets sharper in relation to the tenor as you go round to the treble. The back four bells are "listed" and the third is a "maiden" bell.

The village was transferred to Warwickshire from Worcestershire in 1931. Park in front of the church and enter via the north door.

Details of the Bells
1 Matthew Bagley I, Chacombe 1683 7-2-14 33.75" 1035.5Hz (B+82c)
2 George Mears, London 1858 8-2-04 35.75" 930.0Hz (A+96c)
3 George Purdue, Taunton 1622 9-3-16 38.50" 802.0Hz (G+39c)
4 George Purdue, Taunton 1622 10-1-00 39.50" 738.0Hz (F#-3c)
5 Robert Atton, Buckingham 1624 12-2-10 42.875" 670.5Hz (E+29c)
6 George Purdue, Taunton 1622 16-1-20 47.50" 599.0Hz (D+34c)