Rowington, St Laurence, Warwickshire

Rowington Bells: 6; 13-3-0 in F (GF) - Rung from Chancel.
Grid Reference: 151/204693
Postcode: CV35 7AB
District: Coventry
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: Wednesday/Friday 5.30pm
Service Ringing: Festivals and Holy Days
Recommended Pub: Rowington Club, Rowington Green, Rowington, Warwickshire, CV35 7DB. Tel: 01564 782087 (GBG states that it is open to non-members and free to CAMRA members)
The Navigation at Lapworth Old Warwick Road, Lapworth, Solihull, West Midlands, B94 6NA. Tel: 01564 783337
Contact: Mr Jack Reedy, The Old Manor, Rowington, Warwick, CV35 7DJ

History Of The Bells

A fine church set in the west of the Diocese near to Warwick but actually in the Coventry District. Look for the new stained glass window at the west end of the church that was installed for the new millennium.

The bells are rung from the chancel crossing and handle well despite this. There are rope guides, with a decent drop beneath them. Relatively new learners and those that worry about these things might find them a little tricky, as seen in the video. "Pull them long and straight; not hard" is the best tip!

Until 1887 they were a complete Leicester ring of 5, when Carrs of Smethwick recast the treble. They were hung in a new cast iron (lowside) frame and fittings by Taylors in 1958 at which time the second of five was recast and a new treble added. This replaced the old wooden frame which had the treble hung above the other four in the middle of the frame and set diagonally to it. Only the fourth has canons today. The Taylor bells were cast with flat tops, the Newcombe bell retains its canons and the others have had them removed.

You can park in a church car park on the opposite side of the road, near the lych gate. Follow the path to a door on the north (left as you look from the gate) side of the church.

Details Of The Bells
1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 1958 4-3-16 28.375" 1185.0Hz (D+15c)
2 Charles Carr, Smethwick 1887 6-1-08 31.125" 1069.0Hz (C+37c)
3 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 1958 6-3-24 32.875" 949.0Hz (Bb+31c)
4 Newcombe, Leicester 1609 7-2-26 35.25" 887.0Hz (A+14c)
5 Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1620 9-1-22 38.125" 803.0Hz (G+41c)
6 Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1633 13-3-00 42.75" 711.0Hz (D+31c)