Leamington Hastings, All Saints, Warwickshire

Leamington Hastings Bells: 5; 15-3-21 in E
Grid Reference: 151/445676
Postcode: CV23 8DY
District Rugby
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: Friday 7:30pm-9:00pm
Service Ringing: On rota
Recommended Pub: There is no pub in the village - make your choice dependent on your direction of travel from here
Contact: Peter Reeve, The Outspan, Leamington Hastings, Rugby CV23 8DZ Tel 01926 632400  Click to Email

History Of The Bells

In a nice rural setting this church is well kept by the congregation. The tower contains a lovely ring of 5 bells that go well and are to be recommended as a place to visit. They were originally a heavy four (tenor 22-1-20) until 1851 when the old tenor was scrapped, the metal being used to cast two new trebles, the net cost to the parish being £54. They were retuned and rehung in a cast iron, single level. "H" frame by Taylors in 1936. The treble and second have been quarter turned and the rest one eighth turned.

There is a sanctus bell, dated 1677 weighing 0-2-2 in D that was hung for swing chiming in a light steel frame fixed to the top members of the main bellframe. All the bells in the tower retain their canons. These were a ground floor ring until summer 2000.

Enter by the north door. Limited parking on the road by the church. There is also a church car park to the south of the church, just by the sharp bend in the road. This church is frequently used for concerts, having very good acoustics.

Details Of The Bells
1 C & G Mears, London 1851 8-1-07 35.875" 983.5Hz (B-7c)
2 C & G Mears, London 1851 9-3-21 38.875" 874.0Hz (A-12c)
3 Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1620 11-0-21 39.25" 818.5Hz (G#-25c)
4 Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1631 12-0-09 40.50" 736.0Hz (F#-9c)
5 Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1615 15-3-21 45.375" 655.5Hz (E-10c)