Farnborough, St Botolph, Warwickshire

Farnborough Bells: 6; 6-1-12 in Bb
Grid Reference/Map: 151/434496
Postcode: OX17 1DZ
District: Warwick
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: None
Service Ringing: By Arrangement
Recommended Pub: The Inn at Farnborough, Main Street, Farnborough, Nr. Banbury OX17 1DZ Tel: 01295 690615
Contact: Rick Kaplan, The Old Rectory, Farnborough, Banbury OX17 1DZ. Tel: 01295 690301 Click to Email

History Of The Bells

Set in deepest South-east Warwickshire this is a nice place to spend some time. The church is up a dead end and it might be best to park along the main road.

The original 3 bells were recast by W & J Taylor in 1844. at a cost of £57 14s 6d. The church was restored in 1875 at which time the tower was raised in height and a spire added. At the same time the bells were augmented to 5 by Warners with the adding of a treble and tenor The bells were further augmented to 6 in 1963 and are a pretty ring. Cast iron frame and modern fittings are by Mears & Stainbank, 1963. The new bell was cast with a flat top and the canons of the others removed. Bells 2, 4 & 5 have been one-eighth turned and 3 and 6 one-quarter turned. You can see them turning by looking through the louvres from the south side.

There is a new band at this church as of late 2011 and visitors would be made welcome in order to help the recruits to gain experience.

This side is where you enter the church and find a short vertical ladder to the ringing room. There is a sanctus bell, 12" in diameter hung for swing chiming in a space between the pit of the tenor and the south wall. 

Details Of The Bells
1 Mears & Stainbank, London 1963 3-2-14 24.50" 1520.0Hz (Gb+47c)
2 John Warner, London 1875 3-2-03 26.00" 1370.0Hz (F-33c)
3 W & J Taylor, Oxford 1844 3-1-20 27.00" 1222.0Hz (Eb-32c)
4 W & J Taylor, Oxford 1844 4-0-25 28.50" 1145.0Hz (D-44c)
5 W & J Taylor, Oxford 1844 4-3-03 31.00" 1026.0Hz (C-34c)
6 John Warner, London 1875 6-1-12 34.00" 911.5Hz (Bb-39c)