Frankton, St Nicholas, Warwickshire

Frankton Bells: 4; 8cwt in Ab; Anticlockwise - UNRINGABLE
Grid Reference/Map: 140/423701
Postcode: CV23 9PJ
District: Rugby
Peals: None
Practice Night: None
Service Ringing: None
Recommended Pub: The Friendly Inn, Main Street, Frankton, CV23 9NY. Tel: 01926 632430
Contact: Revd Barbara Clutton, Church Cottege, Main Street, Grandborough, Rugby, Warwickshire, CB23 8DQ

History Of The Bells

An old and interesting installation, parts of the frame being of 14th century date. The frame was remodelled in the 17th century. The fittings are largely of 18th century date, some work being carried out by John Standlyt of Martin in 1777 at a cost of £10 3s 0d. The treble swings east to west on the south side of the frame and the other three North - South in three parallel pits, second, then tenor. then third. The rope circle is therefore anticlockwise.

The bells retain their canons and have not been quarter-turned. They are sounded by an Ellacombe chiming apparatus supplied by Taylors in 1950.

There is, at times, some distant hope that the bells may be restored, but certainly nothing is imminent. 

Details Of The Bells
1 Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1636 3¾cwt 27.50" 1158.0Hz (D-25c)
2 Newcombe, Leicester 1607 4½cwt 28.50" 1037.0Hz (C-16c)
3 Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1623 6cwt 32.625" 946.0Hz (Bb+25c)
4 Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1616 8½cwt 34.25" 847.0Hz (Ab+34c)