Great Wolford, St Michael, Warwickshire

Great Wo;ford Bells: 6: 11-3-7 in F#
Grid Reference/Map: 151/250345
Postcode: CV36 5NE
District: Warwick
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: By Arrangement
Service Ringing: By Arrangement
Recommended Pub: The Fox and Hounds, Great Wolford, Warwickshire, CV36 5NQ. Tel 01608 674220
Contact: Mr John Wrench, Hillside Farm, Great Wolford, Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5NQ

History Of The Bells

A pleasant village on the south edge of the Diocese. Look for the signpost of the A3400 to "The Wolfords".

It is probably that a ring of six was cast for this church by Richard Keene of Woodstock in in 1689/90 at the cost of Maj. Thomas Keyte. Bells 1, 2 & 4 of this ring remain. The other bells have been recast, in 1752, 1792 and again in 1864, at which point the bells were rehung by Whites of Appleton. The third, fourth and fifth were rehung by Bond of Burford in 1930. At this time their canons were removed and they were quarter turned.

These bells were retuned by Whitechapel and rehung in a new steel and cast iron frame by White's of Appleton in 1991 and therefore go well and sound much better than they previously did. The front 5 have been eighth turned and the tenor quarter turned.

There is some parking in front of the church. This tower is in older editions of Dove's Guide as Wolford.  

Details Of The Bells
1 Richard Keene, Woodstock 1690 4-0-02 27.50" 1230.0Hz (D#-20c)
2 Richard Keene, Woodstock 1689 4-0-20 29.25" 1100.0Hz (C#-14c)
3 John Rudhall, Gloucester 1792 5-0-26 32.00" 979.5Hz (B-14c)
4 Richard Keene, Woodstock 1690 5-3-21 33.375" 929.5Hz (A#-5c)
5 Matthew Bagley, Chacombe 1752 7-1-18 37.375" 819.0Hz (G#-24c)
6 George Mears, London 1864 11-3-07 42.375" 731.5Hz (F#-20c)