Harborough Magna, All Saints, Warwickshire

Harborough Magna Bells: 3; 5cwt in B - UNRINGABLE
Grid Reference/Map: 140/476792
Postcode: CV23 0GA
District: Rugby
Peals: None
Practice Night: None
Service Ringing: None
Recommended Pub: The Old Lion, Pailton Road, Harborough Magna, Warwickshire CV23 0HQ. Tel: 01788 833238
Contact: Parish Office  Email

History Of The Bells

These bells are unringable, the wheels were removed by Taylors in 1957 when they were contracted to replace the tenor bell in the frame following an accident.The treble bell is in the southern pit, the second in the centre and the tenor hangs on the north side of the tower. The wheel and pulley positions indicate an anti-clockwise rope circle. They were stored in the bell chamber, but the top halves have recently been put back onto the bells for display purposes only. They are now sounded via an Ellacambe chiming apparatus. The frame is an old one, likely to have been made by William Ragg in 1657. The last rehang of these bells was by John Over of Rugby in 1806. 

Details Of The Bells
1 John Taylor & Son, Loughborough 1850 4-0-2 27.125" 1276.5Hz (D#+43c)
2 Bryan Eldridge, Coventry 1657 4cwt 27.25" 1159.0Hz (C#+79c)
3 Bryan Eldridge, Coventry 1657 5cwt 29.75" 1010.5Hz (B+39c)