Trustees' Reports - Treasurer's Report 2016

Guild membership, as measured by those paying subscriptions during the year, dropped in 2016, mainly due to a few towers “forgetting” to pay. The total paying their subscriptions last year was 505, against a revised 2015 figure of 561; the drop in numbers occurring mainly in the Warwick Archdeaconry, although it must be said that some of those members have paid up since, once they were reminded! At the time of preparing the accounts the Guild’s paying membership in 2016 was split thus:-

District Senior Junior Total Towers
Coventry District 134 3 137 21
Rugby Deanery 101 8 109 13
Warwick Archdeaconry 231 18 249 32
Unattached 10   10  
Totals 476 29 505 66

There are also 6 active life members resident within the Guild taking the resident membership to 511. My grateful thanks go again to George Wrycroft, Gerald Trevor and Sally Idle for their invaluable help in the collecting and recording of your subscriptions over the last 12 months. If you have not paid your subscription for 2017 by the time you read this (adults £10; juniors £2) I would urge you to send the money to one of these three as soon as possible.

This year the General Fund, mainly due to increased expenditure on training, newsletters and the Youth Team, together with a one off amount spent on producing peal books to clear the backlog of peals needing binding, ended up with a deficit of £651. We also donated £2000 to the Bell Repair Fund based on subscriptions collected in 2015, as well as the £5 element from subscriptions collected in 2016. Expenditure, apart from the aforementioned donation, remained much as always, although officers’ expenses dropped dramatically.

The Bell Repair Fund brought in over £6000 during the year, much better than the previous few years, largely due to the donation mentioned above plus the element of adult subscriptions collected during the year, and the excellent surplus (£600) from this year’s Draw Club. This year just £775 was donated to three towers and the Bell Repair Fund is now in a far more healthy position than a couple of years ago, thus ensuring that very meaningful donations will be given to churches considering work on their bells and fittings in future years.

The raising of subscriptions, with half of the adult subscriptions going to the Bell Repair Fund, has proved to be very successful. I have felt for a long time that the Bell Repair Fund is something to which we should all contribute, as we never know when we might need to call upon it for repairs etc, and this has proved to be the best way to support these ideals. Another way to support the BRF is of course the Draw Club, and thanks must go again to Joy Pluckrose and Chris Worley for their running of the Draw Club for the last 12 months. £600 has been raised for the BRF and I urge all members to consider supporting the BRF in this way.

Thanks too to must go to David Leafe for examining this year’s accounts. Finally if anyone else is interested in looking after the Guild’s finances please say so as it really is time that someone else took over – after all I’ve been doing this for 38 years now!

May 2017 turn out to be a good ringing year for you all!

Simon Rogers – Hon Treasurer