Coventry District Secretary’s Report 2016

The bells of Ryton-on-Dunsmore and Stoneleigh were put to good use before adjourning to the Social Club in Stoneleigh for a hot lunch, social and brief Guild meeting in January.

Several towers were represented at the District AGM in February at Wolvey where we rang a range of methods and enjoyed a sumptuous tea provided by the local band. I agreed to accept the nomination of District Secretary to allow Joy Pluckrose to devote all her time and energy to her presidential role. Many thanks to Joy for all her enthusiasm and hard work during her 4 years in office. All the other officers were re-elected: Chairman, Chris Worley; Subscription Secretary, Gerald Trevor; Ringing Master, Bob Taylor; Committee Member, Rodney Swallow.

Four of the nine towers entering the 6-bell striking competition at Stretton-on-Dunsmore in March were from the Coventry District.

Sixty-four Coventry District members from 16 towers within the district participated in the 90-4-90 initiative in June. Successful ringing took place in all 29 of the ringable towers within the district.

Bob Taylor submitted his resignation in June and, in the absence of any other volunteers, Ray Sheasby was elected as ringing master during the district practice at Fillongley at the end of July. Thank you Bob for your significant contribution as District Ringing Master for over 4 years.

Josh and Ruby, from Fillongley, were again members of the Guild Youth Team who represented the Coventry Guild at the Ringing World Striking Competition in London in July.

It was good to see the District Outing in August being supported by such a wide range of ringers: from those who had been ringing for less than a year to those with over 60 years’ experience; from under 10 years old to 80+. The towers we visited were all across the border in Leicestershire; Wistow, Oadby, Knighton, Wigston Magna and South Wigston. The weather was kind, the ringing of a standard we have come to expect and a camaraderie of support and encouragement second to none. Thanks to all the towers who made us so welcome and each and every one who participated in the day.

The district hosted the 8-bell striking competition at Bulkington in October and entered 2 teams. Thanks to the local band for the excellent supply of tea and cakes. It was disappointing for the 5 ringers who went to Wolvey in the evening to be unable to ring all 6 bells. Monthly targeted practices on 6, 8 and 10 bells have continued throughout the year with adequate numbers but more participants would always be very welcome.

My thanks go to all who have supported the district during the year.

Janice Sheasby – Coventry District Secretary