The Coventry DG Draw Club

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Once again I would like to start by thanking the loyal supporters of the Draw Club. Unfortunately when the Guild Subscription was raised, some members decided to withdraw their membership, either because of the cost (£5 extra in subscription against £12 Club membership = £7 loss to the Guild) or because they could no longer see the need for a Draw Club to support the Bell Repair Fund. The knock on effect is less money going to the BRF and only two bonus months being paid out during 2016.

As always congratulations to all those who have won and commiserations to all those still waiting for their number to be drawn.

At the end of 2016 we had 104 members – renewals for which are still arriving as I write this report. The names of members who do not renew are kept on the listings for one year and then their numbers are re-allocated. Prizes of £25, £10 and £5 were paid out for 10 months of the year, with Bonus Months of June and December paying out £40, £30, £20, and £10. £600 was donated to the Guild Bell Repair Fund at the end of the year. Unclaimed prize money will be donated separately to the BRF.

Balance Brought Forward From 2015 £100.13  
Income £1243.00  
Total Revenue £1343.13  
Licence Fee   £20.00
Prize Money   £600.00
Bell Repair Fund   £600.00
Total Payments £1220.00  
Carried Forward £123.13  

Chris Worley and Joy Pluckrose

Draw Club Results