Edward “Ted” James Copson 13th January 1934 – 26th December 2017

Ted was born and brought up in Warwick. The family lived in Theatre Street, Warwick; he was educated at Warwick School and left at sixteen to join Warwickshire County Council. His career took him to a number of departments, finishing as purchasing officer for the county. In 1991 the department was closed when purchasing was combined with Leicestershire CC, so Ted took early retirement.

Ted CopsonTed was a keen member of The Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, and it was at one of their meetings that he met Pam Sturdy, who was to be his future wife. They married at St Mary’s Church, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham in 1971.

After marrying, they bought their first house in Barford. They joined All Saints’ Church at Sherbourne, where they both took charge of the bellringing and established a weekly practice late on Friday afternoons. They also organised ringing for the Sunday services and special occasions.

They lived in Barford until 1977, when they moved to a new house in Wellesbourne but still continued to organise ringing at Sherbourne. Ted was also a big supporter of St Peter’s Church, Wellesbourne, where he and Pam rang for practice and Sunday services. He was Tower Captain at St Peter’s for a short spell, and when he was unable to ring anymore he would still come along to practices so that he could enjoy a pint and a chat afterwards.

Ted supported the church at Wellesbourne in other ways: he was at one time a member of the PCC, chairman of the fabric committee for a number of years and a loyal sidesman, and always very willing to do any small DIY jobs for the churches both at Wellesbourne and Sherbourne. He supported ringing at Stratford upon Avon on Tuesdays and The Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers Saturday evening meetings, as that was also another good excuse for him to go for a pint and a chat afterwards. He was not a prolific peal ringer, ringing just three peals, all for the Coventry Guild. But he and Pam rang many quarter peals, and during Pam’s time as the president of the Coventry Guild they attempted to ring a quarter peal in all ringable towers in the diocese.

Ted was a proficient German linguist and spent many hours at Stratford College on Wednesday evenings learning the language; he and Pam had numerous holidays in Austria and Germany so he could perfect his skills.

Sherbourne Teaching Aids, a range of resources including the ‘One Per Learner’ book, was the inspiration of Pam, written by hand in 1982; after she died in 2007 Ted continued to distribute these until he went into a nursing home almost two years ago. It is a legacy that some 4,000 items, including 2,500 One Per Learner books, were purchased in 2017, and they are still going strong.

Ted’s funeral took place at All Saints’ Church, Sherbourne on Friday, 26th January 2018. There was a congregation of about 70, with ringers represented from three counties. The bell were rung half-muffled before and after the service. A peal of Yorkshire Surprise Major was rung at St Peter’s Wellesbourne on Monday, 15th January 2018 in his memory by members of the Coventry Guild, and a halfmuffled quarter peal of 1260 Grandsire and Plain Bob Doubles was rung at All Saints’ Sherbourne on Monday, 28th January by ringers from Wellesbourne and Sherbourne, in thanksgiving for Ted’s life. 

Peter Quinn