Coventry Spires visit to Pershore Abbey, Friday 27th October 2017

Over two years ago, one of the members of the Coventry Spires youth team said they would like to ring at Pershore Abbey. The bells are famous for the beauty of their tone and the unique ringing platform, known as the ‘cage’.

We all met at Bidford where Sandra Parker not only let us ring on the bells, but also made us drinks and snacks. We then set off for Pershore Abbey. It is quire intimidating when first seeing the ringing cage. It is suspended between the pillars in the tower and although it has been there since 1864, it is still a little scary. Trust Gilbert Scott to remove the floor to open up the lantern tower. Wide steps start the climb up the tower, before squeezing though narrow corridors and then the final walk along the metal steps and gantry. When in the cage, everyone relaxed. The young people went up in two groups to allow everyone to have a good ring.

Then it was off to the final tower of the day. Fortunately, this was just across the road at St Andrew’s Centre. We had the best ringing of the day on these lovely bells. We rang Cambridge Surprise Major as well as Plain Hunt on 8 and rounds and call changes. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had our picnic outside the centre.

A competition was set for the young people to take a photo of the day. The only stipulation was the photo had a have link to bells, or bell ringing. The photos in this article have been submitted by the young people. The results of the competition will be announced at our next meeting on Thursday 23rd November at the Cathedral. Thanks to everyone for coming along and help make the day a great success