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This year marks the centenary of the end of World War One. The Coventry Diocesan Guild, under its previous name the Warwickshire Guild, lost 18 members during the four years of hostilities. In total, 11,600 men from Warwickshire lost their lives in the war to end all wars.

Many churches within the Guild have made special efforts to commemorate the losses. Atherstone has information sheets recalling the details of the fallen from their parish. In Warwick, a replica bell of St Mary’s tenor has been constructed and will be covered in poppies. The headstock carries the names of the Guild members lost and the towers where they rang.

Guild members will probably have commitments to ring at their own towers, but in addition the Guild would like to arrange a series of routes through the Guild to ensure as many bells as possible will be rung, and also to allow members to see the displays in different villages or towns. The ringing routes may be on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th. It might be possible to arrange for a central rendezvous or even a master class on half muffled ringing.

If your church has a special commemoration over the weekend, which you think might be of interest to other members, please let me know and I can include it in one of the routes. In addition, if you have responsibility for a tower with not enough ringers, again let me know and we can see if we can arrange for other members to assist you in ringing the bells over the remembrance weekend.

There are a number of different National initiatives regarding the ringing of church bells over the remembrance weekend of 10th -11th November 2018. The Central Council is advising ringing bells half muffled during the morning of the 11th and then open in the afternoon. There is another plan to ring all the bells at 7.00pm on the evening of 11th November. It is estimated 1400 bell ringers lost their lives during WW1. The initiative ‘Ringing Remembers’ to recruit the same number of new ringers during the year is making good progress. In May, 558 had been recruited so far and the intention is they will take part in ringing on 11th November. If you have any learners, who have joined your band since last November, they can sign up to be included in the total number.

If you have any suggestions or comments about any of these initiatives, please let me know.

Warwick Poppies 2018

Note for your diary.

To commemorate the end of WWI St. Mary’s Church, Warwick will be putting on a huge display of poppies in the church, the idea being to get at least 11600 poppies to represent the number of people who died in Warwickshire in WWI.

The display will be open from the beginning of October until the end of the Christmas Tree Festival in December.

As part of the display, Warwick bellringers are making a model bell the size of the tenor at St. Mary’s which will be covered in poppies.

More details and pictures of our project to come in the next newsletter.

Karen French

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Peter & Rosemary's Diamond Wedding

Wedding DayPeter and Rosemary Spencer celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary on Sunday 27th May by sharing lunch with 77 friends and family at Kenilworth Golf Club. Peter recounted how he took 1 week of compassionate (or passionate) leave from National Service to get married. He was on 28 shillings a week and had to give up 10 shillings for living costs so money was tight. They hadn’t planned a honeymoon but at the wedding were invited to spend a few days staying with friends in Yorkshire and these friends came to this anniversary celebration.

Wedding DayPeter told us that he wouldn’t have achieved what he had in life without the support of Rosemary including a major career change. He did push his luck with beekeeping as Rosemary said if bees came into the garden she would leave, however he did bring a beehive into the garden. Rosemary then proceeded to pick rhubarb right in front of the hive thinking that if she was stung she could order them to be removed but at that point she never got stung. Peter is still a current beekeeper nearly 60 years later and Rosemary is critically allergic to bee stings.

Rosemary told us that she felt that marriage was give and take on both sides. Also that they had many individual interests but also shared some eg bell ringing . Rosemary and their daughter Jane started church bellringing at St Nicholas Kenilworth in 1975. Peter started a few years later as he was fed up that he didn't understand the bellringing conversation at he dining table. Rosemary has been secretary at Kenilworth tower for many years and is currently the editor of the guild magazine "Guild Matters". She has been church warden at Kenilworth on two separate occasions, she sometimes plays the piano and occasionally organ at church, she was the parish magazine editor for many years, and can administer the communion bread and wine. Peter was the tower captain and ringing master at Kenilworth for 30 years, downsizing to the tower captain only in 2016. He is the joint tower steeple keeper, and the church covenanting officer. They both have a love of dogs, some from rescue centres and Rosemary' s newest Labrador, Darcy has won an award at dog training recently.

Wedding DayTheir daughter, Jane is one of the three joint ringing masters at Kenilworth and is married to Doug Kempton. Their son George rings occasionally, the last time for his own wedding last August. Their twins Victoria and Emma also ring; Victoria was a member of the Coventry Guild Youth Team a few years ago. Peter and Rosemary's son Richard also used to ring and there was an all Spencer quarter peal on 4 bells at Offchurch before it was augmented, the day before Jane' s wedding.