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Annual Carol Service

This year, the Guild held its annual Carol service at St Mary’s Warwick. The popularity of this event has been increasing over the past few years and this year was no exception. The Bells of St Nicholas Warwick were available for ringing from 2.00- 3.00 and then the fine 10 at St Marys from 3.00 until the service started at 4.00. The Christmas tree festival was on in church so there was plenty to see while people waited for the service to start. The bell ringers’ choir, assembled by Barbara Howes and directed by Richard Taulbut had rehearsed during the afternoon and visitors to the church had said how much they enjoyed hearing the traditional carols sung so well. John Newbold played the organ and Karen French, resplendent in her pearly queen costume, handed out the service sheets.


At exactly 4.00, the bell ringers choir ‘sauntered’ purposefully down the aisle to the choir stalls. The Rev’d Vaughan Roberts conducted the service and welcomed the Guild to this wonderful church. Joy Pluckrose had written a moving service around the football game played between the German and the British soldiers in the trenches during WWI. Ian Wilson looked the part in a genuine WWI uniform and delivered the dialogue with warmth and humour. Members of the youth team also took part and the handbells were rung by the Warwick ringers. The singing by the choir and the congregation was full voiced and filled the church with the sounds of Christmas. Over 100 members and friend attended the service and it was so rewarding to see such a large church filled with an appreciative congregation.


After the service, the Warwick ringers had provided seasonal refreshments of mince pies and mulled wine. Thanks to everyone for making the service so successful.

Draw Club Results
  1st Prize (£25) 2nd Prize (£10) Third Prize  
October 52 - J Plukrose 13 - J Ingham 37 - A Alldrick  
November 125 - Clifton Ringers 95 - G Pratt 5 - J Slack  
Bonus Month 1st Prize (£40) 2nd Price (£30) Third Prize (£20) Fourth Prize (£10)
December 88 - C Jamieson 60 - P Spencer 78 - M Ingman 51 -  J Wykes

Renewal Forms for 2018 are out. If you haven’t received one yet, (or you would like to become a new member) please get in touch with Chris Worley: 024 7666 5946

2018 - Dates for the Diary.

Your District Secretaries work hard to provide a varied calendar of events throughout the year. In addition, they send monthly reminders of events closer to home. The Guild Calendar for the year is available on the Guild website. Our dedicated web master, Mike Chester, places notices of meeting and practices each week.

Significant dates for 2018 are as follows:

  • January 6th Guild Social at Wellesbourne 3.00-4.30
  • March 10th 6 Bell Striking Competition, Bilton and Dunchurch
  • April 14th Conductors Workshop to be held at Leek Wootton.
  • April 28th Guild AGM at Berkswell
  • May 2nd-5th Archbishop of Canterbury visiting the Coventry Diocese
  • Royal wedding to ring for? Date to be announced.
  • July 14th Guild Social, ringing tour, Rugby District, followed by skittles and food.
  • September 6th. Centenary of the Coventry Diocesan
  • October 6th 8 Bell Striking Competition and Guild half yearly meeting Lillington
  • November 11th Ringing Remembers
  • December 15th Guild Carol Service Coventry District.

Further details on any of the events; please contact your District Secretary or .